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All images on this site are owned and copyrighted by Kip Hubbard, © 2021 Kip Hubbard.

Any use without the expressed written consent of the owner is prohibited.

Wild Boy.jpg

Copyright Kip Hubbard 2021

Wild Boy

My "wild boy" has all but vanished in my adult years. When I was young, I was fearless, believing that anything was possible, and it was. Adulthood, with its multitude of responsibilities, somehow has the ability to squeeze the wild boy (or girl) out of us. I believe now that it is my job to rediscover my wildness in all its forms.

Wild Boy (2021), 11" x 14", Uniball ink on Strathmore drawing pad.

Say hello to Cyril. He hails from the dark forest outside Belvedere in the story of "King Bewilder and the Well of Runes." Cyril is of the Cormysh tribe, beings that in ancient times held the wisdom of the Well of Runes. 

Cyril - even smaller.jpg

Copyright Kip Hubbard 2020

The Cormysh Well of Runes

Copyright Kip Hubbard 2018

Iris 300.jpg
Iris Inverted.JPG

Iris - Inverted (2018), 11" x 14", Graphite on Strathmore drawing pad, scanned and manipulated in Photoshop.

In this study, I'm exploring "negative" images and how inverting an image digitally changes the impact of that image in the space.

Copyright Kip Hubbard 2018

In Your Hands color.jpg

Copyright Kip Hubbard 2018

In Your Hands (2018), 11" x 17"

Prismacolor Premier colored pencil on copy paper

When we live in a place of natural beauty long enough, there is a sense that nature is tenderly holding us, protecting us, perhaps even watching over us. This has been true for my time in the Colorado Rockies. Mt. Sopris seemed to hold our small town of Carbondale in its cupped hands as if to tenderly keep us and the lands on which we lived safe. 

In this piece entitled "Map of the Human Heart 1", I explore topography as a way to understand the landscape of the human heart. As in the natural world, perhaps the human heart's terrain is shaped through time by the forces of love, loss and upheaval that play upon it. 

Map of the Human Heart 1 (2018), 11" x 14", Uniball pen on Strathmore drawing pad

Map of the Human Heart 1.jpg

Copyright Kip Hubbard 2018

Inquiry hi res color.jpg

Copyright Kip Hubbard 2017

One of the predominant and recurring themes in my work is the presence of the human eye. In this piece, I'm exploring the idea of otherworldly presence, spatial dimensions and cosmic overlays. 

Inquiry (2017), 18" x 24", Prismscolor Premier colored pencil and ink on watercolor paper

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